Why I’m Running

I’m running for the Cook County Board because I believe we need more personal accountability from our political representative in Cook County.  We deserve better, and we should demand more.  I’m qualified and prepared to work for you.  My vision involves a local government that accurately reflects the people it serves. It involves genuinely and enthusiastically working for balanced finances, while promoting resourceful initiatives for public health and land preservation in Cook County.

I have creative ideas about how to deal with budget shortfalls, and a lifetime of pulling up my sleeves to get to work.  I promise to work for you, answer your calls, listen and deliver. Thanks to my education and experience as an engineer, I approach problems knowing there’s always a solution.  Through my work in regulation, I’ve managed and balanced a large-scale budget.  I believe in fiscal accountability, that the county must have the money to pay its bills, keep its promises, protect forest preserves, and maintain a dignified level of health care services.

With each step in my career, I have proposed new ideas, listened to alternatives, and found a solution while maintaining my personal integrity.  I have a tremendous desire to a tangible difference in our community, and working to serve you on the Cook County Board is the best way I know how to do this.  The primary election is on March 20, 2018.  I would be honored if you vote for me, Bridget Degnen, for Cook County Board Commissioner.