Expanding Healthcare Access

At a time where healthcare is under attack, I’m committed to protecting and expanding healthcare services. This includes:

  • Ensuring that all citizens get the affordable healthcare they need by protecting access to Obamacare and Medicaid in Cook County
  • Invest in mental health services to stop the pipeline of folks going to jail when they instead need mental health treatment
  • Be a voice for women and families on the male-dominated Cook County Board, especially when it comes to access to services like cancer screenings and family planning for women of all income levels

Improving the County’s Fiscal Health

It’s no secret that Cook County is in financial trouble. With a $200 million dollar budget shortfall and essential services on the chopping block, it is critical that we find a sustainable, long-term solution.

Some proposals I have include:

  • Increasing the rate of inspection for environmental ordinance violations
  • Increase the maximum dollar amount for fines for environmental non-compliance
  • Expediting documents and services across all Cook County Offices will generate revenue, while providing convenience for a fee
  • Get rid of bureaucratic red tape and make county operations more efficient

Protecting the Environment

As an environmental engineer, I know firsthand what happens when we don’t protect our environment. As a Cook County Commissioner, I’ll be sure to:

  • Fight for further protections to ensure clean water
  • Support an increase in environmental rule enforcement
  • Find ways to make the county more energy efficient