My first priority will be to focus on revenue generation without placing an undue burden on citizens or services, for example:

  • The Cook County Department of Environment and Sustainability has the capability to investigate environmental ordinance violations. I would ensure the Department increased the level of inspectors’ fieldwork.  Observation and documentation of environmental violations will lead to more violation notices and an increase in fines.
  • Additionally, I would advocate for an increase in the maximum dollar amount for fines for environmental non-compliance.
  • Expediting documents and services across all Cook County Offices will generate revenue, while providing convenience for a fee

Given that the Cook County Board is facing a $200M budget shortfall, with cuts to essential services, layoffs and job posting closings, it’s imperative that the Board’s Commissioners develop credible revenue generation proposals.

With a fully funded budget, Cook County Healthcare systems and jobs will be maintained to the benefit of all in the county.

Other priorities include efficiency in operation, crime reduction in connection with mental health programs with Cook County Hospital and environmental conservation with an emphasis on greenhouse gas reduction.